Barack Obama has raised 15 times more from U.S. military than Michele Bachmann

Michele Bachmann, Barack Obama: The military only gives money to one of these people.
Michele Bachmann, Barack Obama: The military only gives money to one of these people.

Michele Bachmann loves the United States Military. Apparently, the military doesn't love her back.

New data compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics shows that Barack Obama, whom Michele Bachmann has repeatedly asserted doesn't care for the military, is absolutely crushing Bachmann in fundraising from military donors.

As recently as the Republican debate held earlier this month, Bachmann said Obama has hurt the U.S. military and put Americn lives in danger. Maybe no one told the military, because they've given Obama $34,500 in campaign donations so far this year, more than any other presidential candidate, and a whole lot more than the measly $2,550 they've sent to Bachmann.

That people who actually pay attention to military matters might choose Obama -- who's pushed for benefits for veterans, and you know, less war stuff -- over Bachmann shouldn't be a shocker. What is pretty surprising is the candidate in second place.

Ron Paul? Yes, Ron Paul -- the same guy who pretty much argues America shouldn't fight any war until the enemy's 10 miles outside of Boston Harbor.

Paul's gotten $32,089 in campaign donations from people who list a military job under "Occupation" on their Federal Election Commission documents, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Bachmann's love for the military is not reciprocated.
Bachmann's love for the military is not reciprocated.

Between Obama and Paul, they've pretty much swallowed whole the entire military donor base: Mitt Romney is a distant third, with $4,100 in military donations; Herman Cain comes next, with $3,500; and then there's our gal Michele, who gosh golly just loves those troops, sitting fifth at $2,550.

Hmm, maybe the military doesn't respond well to Bachmann taking lots of wild cheap shots at the sitting commander in chief, like when, at the Republican debate earlier this month, she said, "I sit on a Committee on Intelligence,"--please, hold your laughter until Mrs. Bachmann has finished speaking--"we deal with the nation's classified secrets, and I firmly believe the President of the United States has weakened us militarily and put us more at risk than any time."

Or maybe they didn't like the one where, as the U.S., via NATO, gave military aid to the Libyan rebels trying -- and succeeding -- to overthrow Muammar Qaddafi, Bachmann explained that President Obama was "not on our side anymore."

Or maybe, just maybe, they just think she's dumb, and don't want to give her any money.

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