Barack Obama brings Ben Harper and The National to Madison [UPDATE]

Ben Harper's on board with the president.

Ben Harper's on board with the president.

Updates: Sen. Feingold jets to Madison. Video from the rally. More after the jump.

President Barack Obama's going into midterm campaign mode this week, and he's scheduled to be in Madison later this afternoon, with Ben Harper and The National in tow.

The Madison stop, free and outdoors at Library Mall on the University of Wisconsin campus, is sandwiched in between appearances in Albuquerque, N.M., and Des Moines, Iowa. It's the fourth time Obama's visited Wisconsin since winning the White House.


In each spot he's expected to tell voters that he's still cleaning up the unfinished wars and economic disasters left behind by George W. Bush, and to urge younger voters to get to the polls in November.

Update: While Harper, an old ally, and The National may rock the house, there was talk that one prominent Democrat in a tough re-election campaign, Sen. Russ Feingold, was trying to find something -- anything -- to do in Washington so he didn't have to appear beside a president whose ratings are tanking.

That didn't happen. Late this afternoon, Feingold hopped aboard a jet and took to Twitter for an update:

"Great day to be in Wisconsin! I made it! Finished voting and am proud to join President Obama at my alma mater."

The Democratic National Committee said about 26,500 people showed up for the rally, at which Obama dismissed his sagging poll numbers.

Obama dismissed his sagging approval ratings.

"You didn't elect me to look at the polls," he told the cheering crowd. "You elected me to do what was right."

Here's some video: