Barack Obama booked for Mark Dayton rally

President Barack Obama will headline an Oct. 23 rally on the University of Minnesota campus to boost Democrat Mark Dayton's run for governor.

The White House won't confirm or deny the exact location, but all indications point to an outdoor event on the Northrup Mall.

There have been stories for a number of weeks that Obama was headed this way, but the time and place are news. And according to the MN Daily, he had to be cajoled by Dayton into a public rally rather than a private fundraiser.

It will be the president's first visit to Minnesota since a St. Paul rally in 2009, and it comes the same week that expected Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney is holding a $5,000-a-plate fundraiser in the suburbs. (Obama remains a more popular 2012 presidential choice in Minnesota than Romney, Gov. Tim Pawlenty and Sarah Palin, according to one recent poll.)

Update: A Bloomberg poll today finds Obama would crush Sarah Palin if she were the Republicans' nominee for president.

Expect a big and sympathetic college crowd for the president, similar to the one a few weeks ago in Madison.

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