Bang your spouse for Jesus!

In honor of Valentine's Day, a Florida church is inviting couples to participate in what it cheekily calls a "

30-day Sex Challenge

." The church in Ybor City, which is proud of its "edgy" reputation, is inviting married members to screw each others' brains out once a day for a whole month! (Singles get to abstain for 30 days.)

"Of course, all the guys say it's genius," said Pastor Paul Wirth. "The married women think we're out of our minds."

In addition to reinforcing stereotypes about sex-crazed husbands denied sex by frigid women, the church will also generate some homegrown porn:

Church members, most of whom are in their 20s and 30s, will get a journal to track their sexual encounters - or lack thereof - and jot down their feelings. Ranters can vent on the church's blog, which is set to go up after the challenge starts, at

A billboard advertising the challenge got banned by the billboard company, because it was the creepiest thing since Bob Dole's Viagra commercial:

Even its proposed billboard along Adamo Drive, near 22nd Street, didn't pass the billboard company censors, Wirth said. Posting the 30-Day Sex Challenge Web site was fine. The message, "Are you up for it?" wasn't. Neither was the content of a video linked from the Web site that showed a few bellybuttons and a guy without a shirt.

And if all that wasn't creepy enough, gaze at the look on the faces of these Perverts for Christ:

Bang your spouse for Jesus!

(Via: Obscure Store)

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