Bang for your buck: Lake St. massages had happy endings

Thursday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

Bang for your buck: Lake St. massages had happy endings with 'sexual noises'

Bella's Body Therapy, located at 711 W. Lake St., was allegedly giving a whole lot more than a nice back massage. When one of the building's tenants reported hearing "sexual noises" and a constant stream of men all day, they reported the business. Police had the joy of going undercover and discovering that all massages ended with an offer for sex.

Victim's prints weren't on the gun, but police chief was saying it anyway

Police crime lab scientists found no fingerprints on the gun allegedly carried by the man shot by an officer, but Minneapolis Police Chief Tim Dolan was telling people the exact opposite. Dolan allegedly told the victim's family and a citizen's panel that there were prints on the gun to downplay the shooting death of Fong Lee by a police officer.

Craigslist killer gets life in prison

Craiglist killer Michael Anderson was sentenced to life in prison for killing the woman who came to his home based on a fake babysitting ad. Anderson didn't speak after the sentencing, but his lawyer read the following: "He expresses his deepest regret for his actions."

Get your St. Paul candy smokes while you can!

Kids made their case last night at the St. Paul City Council to get candy cigarettes banned. None of the council members spoke up during the hearing and it appears they will all vote for it. Stock up on the candy fun so your children won't be denied access to fake cigs. While we find the ban a little silly, it's pretty awesome to see a public hearing packed with well-spoken high school students making their case. We need more of that.

Minneapolis gropers back in action

Nicer weather means more people out at the lakes and more creepy men trying to grope them. A 63-year-old woman reported a man coming up behind her while she was running and grabbing her inappropriately. He then yelled at her. What?