Ban Minneapolis happy hour? City council explores restrictions

The Minneapolis City Council is currently exploring new regulations that would take all the fun and affordability out of drinking in public. Could Minnesota drinking become any more lame than it already is? Apparently Minneapolis is trying. 

City council members are discussing options to ban happy hour and other drinking specials at bars to help prevent binge drinking. They are also looking at ways to ban drinking games in bars (think beer pong and flip cup). Because, you know, young people can't play those games at home if they are so inclined.

Watch the WCCO report here

Minneapolis is forming a task force to take a closer look at the recommendations on limiting drinking in bars to decide if the regulations should be considered by the city council. 

These recommendations are ridiculous. Businesses should be allowed to price their drinks how they choose. Particularly in a tough economy, bars have to find creative ways to get customers into their establishment. In a bar-saturated area like the University of Minnesota, that usually requires deals for poor students. 

If people choose to drink too much because the alcohol is poured cheap, that is their choice. Binge drinkers would likely drink just as much at home or for a higher price if that is the lifestyle they choose. 

When will we stop trying so hard to create laws and regulations to protect people from themselves? What happened to personal responsibility and bars being smart about how much they serve to their customers?

Thoughts? Do you drink more than you should simply because it's cheaper? Do you blame the bar for that?