Ballboy's kid-saving catch is the highlight of the Twins season [VIDEO]

Mom's face says it all.

Mom's face says it all.

The Minnesota Twins are the worst team in baseball.

At 8-24, they're 27th in the league in runs scored, and 27th in runs given up. Including last night's 5-3 loss to the Baltimore Orioles, the Twins have lost six games in a row and nine out of their last ten. 

Take your Twins highlights where you can get 'em. 

Like here. Tuesday night, a young ballboy was tasked with guarding the front-row stands in right field. This is not light or unimportant work: Just last month, a woman in Tampa Bay was carried off after a foul ball hit her in the eye. In March, another fan sued the Pittsburgh Pirates for taking a foul ball to the head last year.

In the case of this young man, he was directly in front of what looks like a family of four. How fortunate they were. 

The highlight from this nameless hero speaks for itself, but we've noticed a few things upon repeat viewing. 

1) The ball's trajectory is hard to judge, but it looks like it might be arcing toward the (glove-less) kid in the blue, who's trying to duck out of its way. If it doesn't plunk him, it's headed toward the usher seated behind them.

2) The face of "dad" here: Huge grin, gimme five, attaboy.

3) The face of "mom." How. The hell. Did you do that? After a stunned moment she recovers, and just says, "Wow. Nice catch." 

4) The little boy, who is immediately over this catch and just sticks his glove out for the ball. Some day, when he sees this again, he'll realize how amazing it was that our ballboy hero even had it to give to him.