Bald eagle replaces rifle in yearbook photo that will save America


Fargo high school student Joshua Renville already had the most memorable student photo in America's graduating class of 2016. Now he's one-upped himself. 

Renville's original yearbook photo depicted him sleeveless, steely-eyed, and gripping an AR-15 rifle, the go-to gun for the American military and the must-have prop for this year's graduating gun enthusiasts. But Renville's school, Fargo North High School, wanted no part of that. The school has strict policies outlawing firearms on school property, and materials paid for by the school cannot be used to advocate for the use of alcohol, drugs, or violence. 

This reasoning satisfied school principal Andy Dahlen, who said it was "clear" the rifle photo couldn't make the yearbook. All of this served to piss Charlie Renville right off. Joshua's dad said his son only wanted a photo that showed off his love of country: In the original, Josh also posed right in front of an American flag. 

Now, they've hit on a compromise that ought to make everyone happy. Charlie Renville has posted another update on the subject to Facebook. And it is this:

"Freeeeeeedommmmmm!" Charlie explains.

He adds that no animals were hurt in the making of the photo, though he is forgetting the terrorists who will bump their heads diving back into their caves once they see this photo. 

Do not be surprised if you start involuntarily singing "God Bless the USA" while looking at this photo.

Do not be surprised if you start involuntarily singing "God Bless the USA" while looking at this photo.

The Fargo Forum reports this one's good enough for print, and has been accepted by administrators. Charlie Renville is still pretty upset, saying school administrators were trying to push a "political agenda" through censorship. (Previously, he'd told us principal Dahlen was a "pretty liberal" guy.) 

Maybe you're on Charlie's side, and think the gun shot wasn't so bad. But think of it this way: If they'd allowed the Renvilles to publish their original image, we would not have this photo of this kid in an American flag tank top in front of an American flag with a bald eagle on his shoulder. 

Is it too late to get this in the running for the new $10 bill?