Badgers fan charged with beating up Gophers fans

Rengel took the team rivalry thing a little too far.

Rengel took the team rivalry thing a little too far.

So much for friendly team rivalry.

Francisco Jose Rengel, a 22-year-old Madison man, allegedly took about 20 swings at some Minnesota Gophers fans after the Badgers basketball team's win Tuesday night, according to police.

Rengel has been charged with two felony counts of substantial battery and one misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct, according to Dane County Court records.


Police say the fight started with some innocent taunting between Rengel and a couple Gophers fans at the game in Madison's Kohl Center Tuesday.

After the game, Rengel and a group of friends spotted the Minnesota fans at a nearby bar. This was a few drinks later, police say, and the banter escalated quickly.

"There were more words that were thrown in both directions to the same effect, but then tempers were starting to escalate," says Madison police spokesman Officer Howard Payne. "Then, at some point or another, that second encounter then spilled outside, where the physical encounter then transpired."

Rengel allegedly hit a 24-year-old victim between 15 to 20 times in an alley near the bar, according to the police report. The Gophers fan sustained a laceration to the face and a hematoma to the ear.

The other victim, a 25-year-old, received sutures to the bridge of his nose at the hospital after the fight, according police.

Payne says the arresting officers smelled alcohol on Rengel's breath, which was likely a contributing factor to the "host of bad decisions."

Rengel is due in court Jan. 24. Court records show Rengel was convicted of misdemeanor battery in 2006.