Badass SUV fights Sharia Law in St. Cloud Home Depot parking lot

UniteCloud Facebook

UniteCloud Facebook

If we cannot keep Sharia Law out of Minnesota by peaceful means, we must resort to the next alternative. 

Driving over it with our massive, God-fearing, gas-guzzling American-made vehicles. 

Case in point: This big, bad Chevy SUV, seen parked a couple days ago at a Home Depot in St. Cloud. Usually, Home Depot is a place to find supplies, some lumber for a home improvement project. Maybe even a day laborer to work construction, if you're not into hiring on-the-books or unionized craftsmen.

On Tuesday, it was a one-stop shop for those in search of brothers in arms in the great religious war. It's a war almost all American Muslims actively oppose or are simply not aware of, yet that hasn't stopped some fearful Christians from declaring they'll never surrender.

Aside from "Sharia Law" being crossed out, this vehicle says "Mohammed is a woman abusing pedophile" on one side of the window, and "NOT IN MY MERICA!" on the other. Whether the "A" sticker fell off or was deliberately left off to reflect this driver's pronunciation is unclear.

On the back, the car has a sticker celebrating 1776, when our Founding Fathers wrote to the King of England about "certain unalienable rights" -- like the right to alienate your fellow Americans, which seems to be the most important one for the owner of this car. 

(UPDATE: As one eagle-eyed commenter noted, that logo on the back does a lot more than celebrate America's founding: It signifies participation in the "3 Percenters," a "patriot movement," which basically threatens to wage armed rebellion against the United States government if it does something the members deem unconstitutional. Learn more fun facts about them here.)  

The vehicle was noticed and publicized by the folks at UniteCloud, the nonprofit anti-hate advocacy group City Pages highlighted in a 2016 cover story about St. Cloud. "Large imposing truck," reads UniteCloud's post. "Driven by hate."

One reply on that page sarcastically thanks UniteCloud for "calling out an individual and getting them targeted for hate," and "dividing us." Yeah. Because it's not the people who drive around with anti-Muslim messages proudly displayed who are dividing us. It's the people who notice it.

Close your eyes! The only way to fight hate is not to see it.