Bad news for cig smoking Twins fans: You can no longer smoke at Target Field

We all know there are fewer and fewer places where smokers can light up these days, including anywhere indoors other than a private dwelling or tobacco store.

Now, the Minnesota Twins are taking the smoking crackdown to the next level. Fox 9 reports that before Monday's home opener, the designed smoking area outside Target Field plaza will be removed.

Until now, fans could leave the ballpark, have a cig in the smoking area, then return to the game. With the smoking area abolished, those who give in to a cigarette craving during the ballgame will no longer be readmitted.

Fox reports that under the new policy, smokers at the ballpark will have to cross the street and keep on walking. The no-smoking policy will be extended to all events at Target Field, including concerts and Gophers baseball games.

The Twins' decision comes after the Minnesota Ballpark Authority, owners of Target Field, asked the Twins to reconsider the "designated smoking area" concept. Apparently, upon reconsideration, Twins management concluded they're no longer willing to tolerate fans seeking carcinogenic relief after another Joe Mauer groundout. The Ballpark Authority is expected to officially announce the new policy tomorrow.

Guess you'll just have to stock up on Skoal, smoking Twins fans. For better or worse, you'll be seeing more of the games this year than you're accustomed to.

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