Bad karma: Petters associate sent back to the clinker


Michael Catain's Shorewood neighbors have more to celebrate this week. The "neighborhood bully" was busted trying to hide some of his assets and household goodies from the courts so he could still live the high life. Catain was sent right back to the clinker.

His buddy Tom Petters was busted doing the same thing. It's hard trying to live the life of a "normal" person, isn't it?

The judge revoked his bail after he found out that he had violated the terms of his release by skimming $14,000 from his car washing business.

We wrote about Catain's bad attitude and mean neighborhood spirit last year. In October, Catain pleaded guilty to a charge of conspiracy to commit money laundering, in connection with the more than $3 billion fraud case of his friend and business partner Petters.

This wasn't Catain's first run-in with police. Neighbors call him a community bully who often yelled and threatened nearby residents. He has filed at least two lawsuits as a result of conflicts; one against neighbor John McMasters is still active. Neighbors say police have been called to the residence more than a dozen times.

"This is a neighborhood dispute on steroids," said McMasters's attorney Ed Cohen. "While building his home here, he decided he was king of the neighborhood, so he started bossing people around, screaming and yelling and calling the police." Catain sued McMasters for causing irreparable distress to his wife, which McMasters denies occurred.

When police arrived, Catain was screaming, "You wanna come after my wife? I'll fucking kill you."

In other Petters news, the businessman tried, and failed, for the third time to get released from jail. Just give it up, man. He is in jail pending his trial on a 20-count indictment. He is accused of running a Ponzi scheme that bilked investors out of $3 billion, but has continued to claim his innocence.