Bad idea: Threatening to shoot IRS reps

Bad idea: Threatening to shoot IRS reps
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Taxes can enrage anyone, but that doesn't mean you need to threaten to commit drive-by shootings against tax collectors. It's just probably a really bad idea.

Police say a South St. Paul man allegedly told a Department of Revenue supervisor he was going to commit a drive-by shooting after he got angry about a tax dispute. He is charged with two counts of terroristic threats.

The interview with the suspect makes the story. The 55-year-old suspect says he was just saying he was going to drive by and give them the finger. Right.

The Revenue Department supervisor said Stephen Eugene Morris told her "Maybe I will just do a f----- drive-by," during a telephone call about a tax assessment.

More from the Pioneer Press:

In response to the March 25 threat, Department of Revenue employees at the Stassen Building in the state capitol complex were directed to exit the building only via the tunnel system to the parking ramp, and all first-floor window blinds were closed.

In an interview, Morris said he actually told the tax revenue supervisor, "I feel like doing a f---- drive-by."

"There was no mention of shooting," Morris said. He said that he meant to drive by to "flip them a bird, the finger."

The man said the tax dispute was over some taxes from his custom pool cue business.

The best part: The man tries uses the news article to sell his pool cues and earn some cash for his defense: "I give up," he said. "Pool cue orders would also help."

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