Bad idea: Klobuchar entertaining Press Club, writing her own jokes

When we heard that Sen. Amy Klobuchar is one of the main entertainers for Wednesday's Washington Press Club dinner, we were already concerned about her ability to keep the crowd rolling. 

Now we know she will be writing her own jokes. This is a disaster waiting to happen. When we list Klobuchar's strong traits, hilarious jokes doesn't hit the Top 10. Just think of Minnesota's potential if Al Franken were in office alongside her.

According to Politico, most Congressional offices know they "have to" farm out speeches for events like this to make sure they are legitimately entertaining. Most people in Congress are more likely to put us to sleep than even get one chuckle out of us. 

And her colleagues on The Hill aren't very confident either.

More from Politico:
As for Klobuchar's speech, rumor has it that it's not farmed out, and she was seen trying out jokes on people last week. Not a good sign. As one Hill observer quipped upon hearing the not-farmed-out news: "She'll bomb, then." Adding: "When you hear the name 'Klobuchar,' comedy writing isn't exactly the first thing to come to mind." 
Someone close to the Klobuchar-as-entertainer process tells Shenan: "The senator is open to ideas and is just glad some of the senators didn't mind her jokes."
We never thought we'd call on wanna-be senator Franken, but this is pure desperation. Help a real senator out!