Bachmann's privilege is showing in breast pump debate: Comment of the day

Breast feeding: Can't we all just get along?

Breast feeding: Can't we all just get along?

Michele Bachmann attacked Michelle Obama yesterday for promoting breastfeeding. And our commenter of the day suspects that, were the congresswoman not an educated white woman working in a well-heeled profession that allows flexibility and perks when it comes to child rearing, she wouldn't be looking with such scorn on the first lady's efforts.

"Breastfeeding is down among the urban black population for the same reason obesity is up: This segment of the population is not being adequately educated about proper health and nutrition, "Reality Check" writes.

Women in low-end jobs are far less likely to have adequate breaks for pumping breastmilk or to have adequate facilities in which to do it. And, of course, they're far less likely to be able to afford a quality breast pump, which can make all the difference.

Which is the point of this entire thing, isn't it? Impoverished black women are set up to fail at breastfeeding on a number of levels. But when the First Lady tries to redress this issue, all of a sudden it's about the "nanny state."

Bachmann, your privilege is showing.

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First ladies have traditionally promoted pet causes. Laura Bush, like her mother-in-law, was an advocate for reading and childhood literacy. Nobody accused her of promoting the "nanny state." Is Bachmann treating Michelle Obama fairly?

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