Bachmann's John Wayne Gacy gaffe gets the Stephen Colbert treatment [VIDEO]

Bachmann mixes up her Waynes.

Bachmann mixes up her Waynes.

When Michele Bachmann confused John Wayne, legendary Western actor, with John Wayne Gacy, legendary Midwestern murderer, the internet was flooded with "psychopathic clown" jokes.

Last night, Stephen Colbert took his own big bite out of the low-hanging fruit.


Comparing Waterloo's most famous serial killer to its most famous serial gaffer, Colbert's over-the-top advice was to "double down," telling Bachmann to take the accidentally-apt comparison and run with it.

"You're a Republican! When you stumble on facts, you don't get backed into a corner," he shouted in mock anger. "You say, not only do you have the spirit of John Wayne Gacy, you have the eyes of a young Charles Manson."

Watch.The Bachmann bit comes about a minute into the clip.