Bachmann's Christian clinic supported by Medicaid

It's time for Michele Bachmann to fess up: She doesn't really hate government handouts, she loves them -- any time they benefit her personally or politically.

The latest case in point: NBC is reporting that the Christian counseling business she runs with her husband, Marcus, has been the beneficiary of $137,000 in Medicaid grants.


The clinic also used $24,000 in government funds to train employees.

That's the same "successful small business" she brags about in her speeches, and that she says helps define her as a "serious person," and not a flake. Turns out it's surviving thanks to the government.

The news is part of a pattern in which she disparages government spending, unless it's on her.

She wants government off the backs of private enterprise, but the congresswoman's family farm in Wisconsin has been the beneficiary of a quarter-million dollars in ag subsidies. And it may be breaking Wisconsin's financial institutions laws. [Hat Tip: Bremer.]

And even though she hates "porking," she's happily trying to bring home the bacon for a massive bridge over the St. Croix that would benefit her home district.

This was supposed to be Bachmann's big rollout week in Iowa, but she doesn't look ready for prime time.

Is Bachmann really ready for prime time?

Is Bachmann really ready for prime time?

Instead of hitting the ground running, she tripping over her shoelaces. She insulted her hometown with ugly memories about mass murderer John Wayne Gacy. She pissed off rocker Tom Petty by playing "American Girl" at the close of her speech and got hit with a cease and desist order. And now she's been exposed -- again -- by NBC for taking government money while shaming others for doing the same thing.

And it's only Wednesday.

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