Bachmann's Census answers not so personal after all

Bachmann's Census answers not so personal after all

Last week, Rep. Michele Bachmann started her fear-mongering campaign against the U.S. Census. She said she is so afraid her data will be abused that she will only report how many people live in her household. She says many of the questions are just too personal.

Third Coast Research thought they would do a service to both the U.S. Government and Bachmann by providing a hypothetical copy of her 2010 Census answers since she refuses to do it herself. How nice of them.

The group couldn't answer 16 of the 78 questions from the 2000 Census. Turns out they were able to answer 80 percent of the questions about Bachmann simply by searching public records. They did not answer the Census questions for anyone else in her household.

So what is she really trying to hide that isn't already available?

Check out Bachmann's hypothetical Census survey here.

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