Bachmann's best friend: The Strib!

CJR catches local newsie in fact-checking oopsie

We hate to keep pounding on it, but you'd be hard-pressed to take the "liberal bias" criticism of the Star Tribune seriously anymore. Want more dirt to shovel before we bury the myth?

The Columbia Journalism Review Daily takes Stribber Norman Draper to task for taking State Senator (and congressional candidate) Michele Bachmann at face value.

The whole saga begins with an old story started by Drudge about a Cupertino, California school not allowing a teacher to disseminate the Declaration of Independence. That, of course, was not exactly the story, which was artfully rendered by Peter Boyer in a recent New Yorker. (Author interview only.)

Draper, it seems, missed it. (Hey, reporters aren't perfect.) So, Bachmann recites the party-line take on the conflict, and the Newspaper of the Twin Cities regurgitates it. It would seem that the Strib's desire to be fair and balanced--and its pandering to the new-money conservative readership--at times has little relation to a firm grasp of the facts.

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