Bachmann's anti-Tinklenberg site omits her connection to contracts


Screen shot of Bachmann's new site

Rep. Michele Bachmann has a new site against her opponent: Tink Broke the Law.

The main point of the site? Here is some of the site text:

When Elwyn Tinklenberg was Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT), a review resulted in 45 allegations of wrong-doing. They included violating state rules, issuing contracts without competitive bids and massive contractor overcharges. A legislative auditor claims that the agency broke laws. But Tinklenberg went on the radio and claimed that what he did was "appropriate."

As MnDOT Commissioner, Elwyn Tinklenberg wasted our money and broke the law, and he doesn't think there is anything wrong with what he did. Can Minnesotans afford to send another business-as-usual politician to Washington?

But according to some good archives over at DumpBachmann, Bachmann might have the same relationships she seems to despise.


Remember that crazy sci-fi proposal for Personal Rapid Transit? That goofy Jetsons-style idea of creating podcar transportation around the Twin Cities?

Well both Bachmann and Tinklenberg have connections to this embarrassment, but Bachmann has decided to blame Tinklenberg for it without mentioning her associations.

In a May 2006 post on the site, Ken Avidor mentions Bachmann's main point as a concern with a Tinklenberg campaign run that year:

Bachmann could use this Strib article to bash Tinklenburg's lack of concern about these no-bid contracts.

The article says that Short, Elliot, Hendrickson (SEH) was awarded one of these no-bid contracts Bachmann refers to. Funny part is, Bachmann also has questionable ties to SEH too.

SEH lobbyist Ed Cain is on her buddy list. Here is a photo of them together from her congressional Web site:

Photo courtesy of DumbBachmann

Ed Cain is also a lobbyist for Stillwater and the Taxi 2000 corporation. SEH was a major supporter of the Taxi 2000 Corporation, which pushed for the weirdly sci-fi Personal Rapid Transit "podcar" proposal.

Here is audio of Cain lobbying for the PRT:

Why did Bachmann bring in all of this mess when it could potentially hurt her argument? She was a strong supporter of PRT and created legislation as a state senator to fund it. It never went anywhere since most lawmakers saw it as a giant waste of taxpayer money (pork anyone?).

All of this might be too complex to break her site, but Bachmann relentlessly encourages the media to question politician's associations, so we are doing just that. Thanks, DumpBachmann!