Bachmann's Alex Jones Show appearance just a rumor, spokesman says

Radio host Alex Jones claimed last week that Rep. Michele Bachmann was going to be on his show this week. The Alex Jones Show, a radio program out of Austin, Texas, is known for being a little off its rocker.. just like Bachmann!

So it was only a little bit of a surprise when Jones claimed she was coming on his show. Jones is known for being a little more extreme if you can believe it. He's all about the conspiracy theories, still is convinced 9/11 was planned by the military, and loves talking about the New World Order.

The rumor even made it to Gawker, which means there are a lot of excited people waiting for this interview.

Well we checked in with Bachmann's office in D.C. to get a definite date for her appearance and found out it's all just a rumor.

Here is the clip that got this crazy rumor started:

When we contacted Bachmann spokesman Dave Dziok, he was not even aware of the comment and said she has no plans to go on the show.

"I can tell you unequivocally that she is not scheduled, nor ever was," he said in an email response.

Well that ruins all the fun.

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