Bachmann with a pancake on her head (Buy painting now!)


In April, City Pages profiled Dan Lacey, the now-famous Minnesotan known for his paintings of notables with pancakes on their heads.

It was only a matter of time before he debuted this magical creation: Rep. Michele Bachmann with a pancake on her head. Oh, and the pancake is on a stick. How Minnesotan.

The painting is up for sale on eBay if you'd like to purchase it.

Ken Avidor, local liberal cartoonist and writer for the DumpBachmann blog, points out Lacey's dark side. Lacey is the same man behind an antiabortion, right-wing comic strip called Faithmouse.

Lacey's other notable (and sometimes offensive) pieces include Michelle Obama naked with a banana skirt with a pink dolphin and Barack Obama naked on a unicorn.

But we're just enjoying the pancake painting. Who wouldn't want that frightening face smiling back at you when you wake up in the morning?