Bachmann votes for anti-birther resolution after all


Rep. Michele Bachmann caused quite the stir Monday when a resolution hit the floor declaring Hawaii as President Obama's birthplace. Bachmann blocked the bill, requesting there be a quorum before a vote and people quickly jumped in claiming she was defending the birthers who still for some reason believe Obama wasn't born in Hawaii.

But according to Salon, Bachmann's move was only procedural and not an indication that Bachmann is a birther herself. Unless she was crossing her fingers when she voted for the resolution later that evening.

From Salon:

This time, though, Bachmann was being criticized unfairly. She did indeed block a vote on the resolution, noting the absence of a quorum, but that move wasn't about Abercrombie's resolution specifically. She was just playing her part. The House had already decided to postpone the votes on all of the resolutions being considered under a suspension of the rules until Monday evening. Bachmann noted the absence of a quorum for several other non-controversial pieces of legislation so that those votes, too, could be postponed until the scheduled time.

In fact, as a spokeswoman for Bachmann told Salon -- and C-SPAN video of the congresswoman's remarks on the House floor confirmed -- Bachmann supports the resolution.

After the postponement, on Monday evening the resolution passed -- unanimously. Bachmann was one of the "yea" votes.