Bachmann under scrutiny for $1.5 million in campaign donations

The tea party caucus chair hasn't accounted for $1.5 million in campaign contributions.

The tea party caucus chair hasn't accounted for $1.5 million in campaign contributions.

Michele Bachmann bragged in the last campaign cycle about the tens of thousands of small contributions she received from fans all over the country while building a $13 million war chest to defeat Tarryl Clark.

She was a woman of the people. She was also a shoddy bookkeeper.


The Federal Elections Commission has warned the woman who complains about gangster government that she has until today to properly account for about $1.5 million in donations.

The issue for Bachmann appears to be all those little donations -- she crows about them, but she can't say who they are.

FEC rules require itemization of contributions if an individual makes more than one donation to a candidate totaling more than $200, and Fox News reports that the FEC notified Bachmann three times in January that she was out of compliance on that score for six months in 2010. Roll Call reports that she may have also failed to comply with FEC rules over last-minute contributions to her campaign in November.
Bachmann campaign treasurer Andy Fisher sent this boilerplate e-mail to Fox:

"Requests for further information from the FEC are not uncommon and we will respond with the requested details. The campaign had more than 100,000 donors, demonstrating a broad base of support, but also requiring a large record-keeping operation. The campaign will continue to ensure that it acts in full compliance with FEC rules."

Since Bachmann sent an e-mail to supporters the other day complaining about the "lack of transparency" in the Obama administration, Fischer had better be right.

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