Bachmann: TSA could start searching pro-life, pro-gun Americans


Rep. Michele Bachmann seems to like her new method of operation: a constant barrage of fear-mongering ridiculousness that strikes fear into listeners and distracts from the real issues facing our country.

In her latest money quote, Bachmann says the new right-wing extremism report could result in the TSA doing more extensive searches on pro-gun and pro-life passengers while people like Osama bin Laden get by scot-free. Because that makes so much sense.

Bachmann questions whether the DHS secretary has gone "stark raving mad" while also imagining an America where terrorists like bin Laden just waltz right through airport security while her pro-life gun owner friends are scrutinized and accused of being the real domestic terrorists.

She goes on to say that this is what is making Americans so upset. We've got another idea: Maybe all of these ridiculously far-fetched scare tactics are making them upset over things that will never actually happen. The constant fear and outrage over things any normal American realizes aren't possible makes you look completely disconnected from reality.