Bachmann thinks poor people need to pay income taxes [VIDEO]

Michele Bachmann, fighting against the little man.

Michele Bachmann, fighting against the little man.

Michele Bachmann despises taxes, but apparently she likes poor people even less.

At a campaign event in South Carolina yesterday, Bachmann was asked a question about why corporations get away with not paying their taxes. An earnest man, who quoted the Bible in framing his question, wondered what Bachmann would do about corporations that pay "very few dollars of federal income taxes, if any."

Bachmann's response is astonishing. She doesn't think that oil companies or hedge funds hiring teams of lawyers to skip through tax loopholes is the problem.

The real problem, Bachmann says, is that janitors, McDonald's fry cooks and farm laborers aren't paying taxes on the tiny incomes they make.


In lamenting what she calls the "job-killing tax code," Bachmann points the finger at all these poverty-stricken people living it up, spending their minimum wage on slices of American cheese and Wonder Bread.

"Part of the problem is today, only 53 percent pay any federal income tax at all -- 47 percent pay nothing," Bachmann says. "We need to broaden the base so that everybody pays something, even if it's a dollar."

You hear that, poor people? Get out your dollar, even if it's the only one you've got.