Bachmann takes No. 5 spot on British "America's Hall of Shame" list

Rep. Michele Bachmann, our favorite crazy congresswoman, is not only embarrassing us in the United States. Her smarts have led to her making even international lists of shame. 

Bachmann received the No. 5 spot in the British newspaper, the Guardian. Madoff, Palin, Bush, and Blagojevich topped Bachmann on "America's Hall of Shame". In case you have been living under a rock, Bachmann received the honors after she said the media should investigate members of Congress for anti-American views. The Guardian says it was the "single most appalling political statement of the year".

Here is what the Guardian had to say about her:
5 Michele Bachmann. Of the many memorable moments the campaign produced, I will never forget watching this Minnesota congresswoman say on national TV in October that Obama "may have anti-American views" and endorse the idea of a media investigation of all members of Congress to determine whether their views were sufficiently pro-American. The single most appalling political statement of the year.
This could be slightly unbelievable, but Bachmann beat out Dick Cheney and Joe the Plumber. Go figure. Congrats again, Bachmann! Keep the honors coming.