Bachmann spokesman: False 'flying imams' claim doesn't matter


This is a doozy: Rep. Michele Bachmann's spokesman doesn't think her false claims against Rep. Keith Ellison really matter. Because who cares if elected officials tell the truth? What is happening over there in the made-up world of Bachmann?

Bachmann claimed last week that the "flying imams" detained in Minneapolis were here for a Ellison victory celebration. That statement has been proven false, but no one's apologizing for it.

Check out his comments and Ellison's response below.

In a Star Tribune recap of Bachmann's statement and the actual facts of the situation, they spoke to Bachmann's spokesman, Dave Dziock. Here is what he had to say:
Dave Dziock, a spokesman for Bachmann, said today, "whether the six imams were here for a victory party or a conference where he was a featured speaker, it doesn't change the premise of her comments."

So long after the event, "the details may be a little bit rough," he said.

Ellison made a brief appearance on MSNBC, calling Bachmann's claims "psycho talk" as part of a show segment about her remarks. And now he is taking the higher ground:
Ellison spokesman Rick Jauert said the congressman had unsuccessfully tried to contact Bachmann directly. But asked whether Ellison had further comment, Jauert added: "He just doesn't want to engage on this."
We're not quite sure what Dziock is trying to say when he claims it doesn't change the premise of her comments. I think it's pretty embarrassing if a person in Congress tries to falsely associate someone also representing their state with a group of people they are also trying to claim were potential threats to our country. The imams were eventually released and proven not to be a threat to the flight, but Bachmann still is trying to paint them as dangers and then associate them with Ellison because he spoke at the conference they attended in Minneapolis.

And then Ellison tries to speak to her directly to correct her and gets no response? Classy.

Not apologizing for the misunderstanding is embarrassing and elected officials need to be held to higher standards than this. Her office knows full well that she can spew lies and get away with it. Once it's been said, the damage is done.