Bachmann speaks to 60 people, 540 imaginary friends at town hall meeting


Dusty Trice hasn't been giving Rep. Michele Bachmann much of a break these days. Following her around the Minnesota State Fair, going to her town hall meetings, and generally covering the heck out of everything she says and does.

Well we all know if you watch Bachmann enough, you're bound to get something good. Like Bachmann's insane exaggeration on Geraldo Rivera this weekend.

Bachmann claimed she spoke to 600 people in a town hall meeting at a gymnasium Saturday. Unfortunately Dusty Trice was there and only spotted 60 real people. Does Bachmann really have 540 imaginary friends? That's impressive.

To be fair, this photo was taken 30 minutes before the program was set to start. Hilarious nonetheless.

UPDATE: A reader pointed us to the St. Cloud Times article that says "hundreds" attended the town hall meeting. Sounds like Bachmann and Dusty Trice are doing a little exaggerating.

Check out the clip below.