Bachmann, Sharpton, Meatloaf play interruption game on Hannity

Our very own (we're so proud to say it) Rep. Michele Bachmann took the stage on the Fox News premiere of Hannity (sans Colmes). Bachmann should have known what she was getting herself into when she had to sit alongside Rev. Al Sharpton and wannabe and quickly aging celebrity Meatloaf. What a mess.

The 11-minute panel segment made our heads spin. Sean Hannity quickly lost control as all three are total loud mouths who wanted nothing more than to interrupt one another until the TV just echoed back a mess of nonsense. 

What did we learn from watching this deeply intelligent debate? Meatloaf loves porn.

Watch the full video below.


We couldn't ask for more in cable TV, really. Truly a "Great American Panel". This is a classic interrupting game where you don't even know what the panelists are talking about. Politics turned into a Jerry Springer show gone bad and nerdy. 

And is it just us or did Hannity pick up Meatloaf from the crazy bin for the show? He seems pretty off his rocker. He starts off the show by proudly proclaiming that he "lynched" the person on Hannity's show that put up a picture of meat loaf earlier in the show. 

Bachmann's appearance on Fox & Friends was also a good one not to be missed. She is speaking out for Norm Coleman in the Senate race, insisting the recount was unfair and Coleman will end up the winner.


Watch another one of Bachmann's other Fox News appearances this morning: