Bachmann says she isn't "being a kook"

Once people start legitimately listening to Rep. Michele Bachmann, whether or not they believe what she says, she can't hold back on the interviews. She must be one hot ticket these days.

In her latest response to the latest criticism, Bachmann reassures us she isn't "being a kook". So glad to hear it. We were getting worried. Listen to the audio, read the transcript below.

Think Progess

has a report on her interview today on Glenn Beck's radio show.

Bachmann continued scaring Americans into believing President Obama is going to rip the dollar out of their pockets and replace it with international currency. Why are we distracting from issues that are happening right now? She introduced legislation that would stop the United States from changing currency away from the dollar.

BACHMANN: As you know, Russia, China, Brazil, India, South Africa, many nations have lined up now and have called for an international global currency, a One World currency and they want to get off of the dollar as the reserve currency.

BECK: Most people don't understand, Michele, what that means.

BACHMANN: What that means is all of the countries in the world would have a single currency. We would give up the dollar as our currency and we would just go with a One World currency. ... If we give up the dollar as our standard, and co-mingle the value of the dollar with the value of coinage in Zimbabwe, that dilutes our money supply. We lose control over our economy. And economic liberty is inextricably entwined with political liberty. Once you lose your economic freedom, you lose your political freedom. And then we are no more, as an exceptional nation, as we always have been. So this is imperative.

Beck told her that talking about international currency gets her called a 'kook'. Here is how she responded:

BACHMANN: Well, Glenn, I have experienced that throughout my political career, being labeled a kook. It just happened again in a big story in the Minneapolis Star Tribune. But all we have to do is point to the treasury secretary on tape, on camera. This is not Michele Bachmann being a kook. This is our treasury secretary on tape and on camera.

Read the full transcript here.

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