Bachmann running fourth in New Hampshire

Take a deep breath, everyone. Michele Bachmann's wave of momentum seems to have crested, if not collapsed altogether. According to a just-released poll by the New Hampshire Journal, Ol' Crazy Eyes is running fourth in that state, behind Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, and Ron Paul.

Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Iowa anymore.

Romney is still popular among his fellow Northeasterners, who remember him as the moderate, if somewhat wooden former Governor of Massachusetts. He's polling at a commanding 36 percent, doubling up his next closest competitor, the newly-announced candidate Rick Perry.

Then, with 14 percent, comes Ron Paul, who ran second in the Ames Straw Poll and appeals to New Hampshire's libertarian set.

Finally, we get to Michele, our belle, at just 10 percent. After a couple months of riding high in Iowa, this is a bitter dose of reality for Bachmann's presidential hopes.

Michele Bachmann: Titanium spine, but unpopular in the Granite State.EXPAND
Michele Bachmann: Titanium spine, but unpopular in the Granite State.

In the Journal's poll, the drop-off's pretty steep after Bachmann -- Herman Cain is running fifth at just 3 percent -- so Bachmann probably can't go much lower than fourth. But she's got a lot of ground to make up if she wants to have a chance in the Granite State.

The new factor here, obviously, is Perry, whose George W. Bush impression has captivated America since he announced his candidacy on Sunday. This was the first time Perry has even been listed on a New Hampshire poll, so to come in at 18 percent right off the bat has to strike fear in the heart-like organ of every candidate.

Two-thirds of Bachmann's support is coming from traditional Republicans, with the rest from self-identified "Independents." No other serious candidate -- sorry, John Huntsmaan -- relied on so much independent support to get their poll numbers.

Bachmann's "Favorable" rating comes out well enough, with 49 percent of respondents saying they like her. But another 39 percent have an "Unfavorable" view of Bachmann, putting her much, much higher on that scale than either Perry or Romney.

Our little angel is falling back to earth. Don't worry, Michele, we'll still love you when you come back to us.


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