Bachmann "put that gavel in John Boehner's hands" [UPDATES]

Bachmann bumps into Boehner.

Bachmann bumps into Boehner.

Forget that, as the libertarian magazine Reason recently put it, Michele Bachmann is a bit of loon. She's also facing an uphill battle for a House leadership position because she wears a skirt.

Maybe this is what Republicans mean when they talk about traditional values.


Update: Bachmann made serious media waves and generated crazy amounts of campaign cash in 2010. She "put that gavel in John Boehner's hands," she told Politico today.

I was instrumental in bringing tens of thousands of people to the U.S. Capitol to rally against Obamacare and to attend our press conference. I've been able to highly motivate people -- from disaffected Democrats to independents to Republicans to nonpolitical people. My voice has been one that has rallied people to come to the cause. There was a real question, even 18 months ago, about whether the tea party would become a third party. I worked really hard to pull them to our party because we have to have a two-party system. I have been able to bring a voice and motivate people to, in effect, put that gavel in John Boehner's hands, so that Republicans can lead going forward.

But besides wanting its recruits to not be walking punchlines, it also sounds like old school Republican leaders in the House evidently prefer all their women quiet and out of sight.

According to Politico:

Bachmann's bid illustrates a long running problem for the House GOP - despite electoral gains in the lower ranks, women have had virtually no success penetrating the inner circle of the Republican congressional hierarchy.

And never mind the whole glass ceiling issue with the old boys club. Her drive for the No. 4 leadership position among Republicans in the House hasn't even found a lot of traction among some of the folks she helped elect.

ABC News took an informal poll among incoming freshman House Republicans and found no one -- no one -- willing to back her for a leadership spot.

Adding to the snub-a-thon: She isn't even on the House Republican transition team, even though some other tea party types are.

Rep. Eric Cantor gave her the easy let-down via Fox News:

"Michele is a leader in her own right. And you know, she is somebody that we listen to. She is somebody that brings a tremendous amount to the table. And no matter which way the election goes for the conference chair, I think our members will be well served."

Update: Bachmann can't even count on Texas Rep. Ron Paul, with whom she shared a stage last year in Minneapolis.

It's one thing to be a media darling and a money bag. But Bachmann's discovering that the road outside the echo chamber can be rough.