Bachmann posts absurdly question-begging "Conservative Priorities Survey" to her website

Michele Bachmann is really concerned about where her supporters stand on the important issues. She's so concerned, in fact, that she recently posted a "Conservative Priorities Survey" to her website in order to get a clearer idea of what her backers think.

But let's just put it this way -- Bachmann has no future as a political pollster. The survey questions are so absurdly question-begging that it's impossible not to see the whole exercise as a cynical fundraising ploy.

Of course, Bachmann doesn't hide the fact that she's trying to raise money with the survey. As she notes just above a series of boxes where respondents are asked to enter their contact information, "Please take a moment to complete the survey below, and afterwards make your most generous contribution to my campaign to ensure our voice is still heard loud and clear in Washington."

Here's a sampling of some of the "questions" from Bachmann's survey:

-- It's been just over two years since the Democrats forced through Obamacare. Do you believe the government takeover has helped or harmed the American economy?

-- Next year the Bush-era tax cuts will come up for another vote. Do you support making these important middle class tax cuts permanent?

-- Do you support Cap-and-Trade legislation, which necessarily drives energy costs to the benefit of alternative energy companies like Solyndra?

-- Will President Obama's lack of leadership on foreign policy be a deciding factor in your vote this November?

In a blog post lampooning Bachmann's questionnaire, Andrew Rosenthal, the left-leaning New York Times editorial page editor, offers the following responses to a couple of Michele's doozies:

Does Bachmann really need to survey her supporters to figure out that they think Obama is a doofus?
Does Bachmann really need to survey her supporters to figure out that they think Obama is a doofus?

-- Are you more in favor of the limited government message of the TEA Party or the continued influence of corrupt labor union bosses in government? No judgment implied here! I guess I'd rather have a corrupt labor boss helping working people, than a Tea Party member (corrupt or otherwise) hurting working people.

-- President Obama has raised the federal debt limit SIX times in three years. It now sits at $15.4 Trillion. Do you believe this is responsible leadership? I need to rephrase the question. Congress passed a law that compels the President to ask for increases in the debt ceiling, usually twice a year, to pay interest on existing debts. Last summer, Congress used this law to hold budget negotiations hostage, and nearly drove the nation into default. Do you believe this is responsible leadership? Answer: No.

Couldn't she stop wasting her fellow conservatives' time and just directly ask them for cash instead?

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