Bachmann, Palin booked for tea party convention


District 6 congresswoman Michele Bachmann will give a breakfast-time speech to a roomful of like-minded folks in Nashville when she attends the First National Tea Party Convention in February. 

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who by then may need a break from her relentless national book and self-promotion tour, is slated to give the event's keynote address. 

For Bachmann, already a darling on Fox News and a key organizer of anti-health care reform efforts in Washington, D.C., the appearance is yet another opportunity for her to expand her national base and passionate following.

Fox's Sean Hannity recently got caught using bogus video in a report on Bachmann's rally, leaving the impression that the crowd there was far larger than it really was. Comedy Central's Jon Stewart caught the fakery and hammered Hannity on air, after which Hannity was forced to apologize.

Bachmann's passionate following also took a weird turn last week when a Kentucky woman threatened to unleash a Ft. Hood-like attack on a Michigan newspaper for its editorial calling the District 6 congresswoman "a hate-spewing, right-wing legislator from Minnesota."

The St. Cloud Times, meantime, has taken to giving her a free pass on her never-ending stream of controversial statements. And a watchdog group has called for an ethics investigation into the way she organized her D.C. rally.