Bachmann: Our country is running out of rich people

We knew it wouldn't be long before Rep. Michele Bachmann spewed another hilariously strange comment on the airwaves. You just have to pretend like you aren't listening and she says whatever she feels in her heart. 

In her latest, Bachmann talked to KLTK's Chris Baker yesterday (via DumpBachmann) about the stimulus package. She does the typical Republican rant about the overspending (she sort of has a point) but then completely destroys her argument by acting upset and saying that "we're running out of rich people in this country".

In the interview, Bachmann seems fearful that the rich are disappearing. Oh no! She says President Obama has labeled the rich (a joint income of $100,000+) as the "Big Evil". She even thinks Obama will eventually include anyone making at least $65,000 in joint income as the "Big Evil". Seriously?

Listen to the full interview here. Her rich people rant comes at about 8:45: