Bachmann: Obama's trip overseas was "shameful"


On San Francisco's KSFO Morning Show Thursday, Rep. Michele Bachmann ripped President Obama for his trip overseas, calling it "shameful". She criticized him for apologizing for the country's past actions and allegedly lying about his bow to the Saudi king. Check out the audio reel below.

The highlights of the interview:


Full interview:


Here is her quote on Obama's apology for America:

I thought it was shameful. I thought it was a very sad reflection and perhaps a true reflection about what our president feels about these issues. He was apologetic about our country. ... To see the specter (sic) of our president apologizing for American activity, bowing before the king of Saudi Arabia -- which to me was highly symbolic that he did that -- and then now denying it, and then lying about it. And then also our president is saying to the world that we are not a Christian nation during Holy Week. Saying we are not a Christian nation, that we are merely citizens with shared values. That is not true. ... Our founders said clearly that our Constitution was meant for a religious people .. They were not ashamed of their faith.
(via DumpBachmann and MnIndy)