Bachmann: Obama White House looks like "The Sopranos"


Hey, Sixth District. You reelected Rep. Michele Bachmann. Just days later, she's at it again. And boy, she is ready to fight for the next two years. We should be running for cover.

Bachmann appeared on the Mark Levin show to talk about her reelection, Obama's upcoming administration announcements and the future of her crazy-rightwing antics in the next two years. She didn't waste time bashing Obama's first administration hire either. Yes, she compares Obama's White House to HBO hit mobster show "The Sopranos" and says if the remaining freedom fighters in Congress give up, the "only alternative is full-bore rampid socialism."

Huge hat tip to DumpBachmann for posting this audio.

Here are some small excerpts of her most interesting points:

Discussing Obama's new chief of staff: Rahm Emanuel: Levin: The issue here is, he is a very nasty guy who plays really knuckle politics. This doesn't look like change and hope does it to you?

Bachmann: It looks like the Sopranos. That is kind of what we are looking at. This is knuckle Chicago politics and that is what is going to be in the White House now. We have been, conservative Republicans, have felt the brunt of Rahm Emanuel this election cycle, last election cycle. It's unlike anything anyone has ever seen or heard and now it's going to come forth out of the White House.

Levin: Does this guy reach across the aisle? Does he ever reach across the aisle? I don't see it.

Bachmann: It's called shame and humiliate your opponent. It's shame and humiliation.

She later says Congress lost some "true freedom fighters" and says the remaining freedom fighters will "have to fight" because the "only alternative is full-bore rampant socialism."

We can hear the country laughing already.