Bachmann morning update: Rep. compared to Coulter, Pelosi speaks out

As long as Rep. Michele Bachmann keeps doing interviews about her statements, we'll have more to write about. The more she speaks out, the more people hear about it. What a dream come true!

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was in town campaigning for Ashwin Madia Monday and responded to questions about Bachmann's request Friday for the media to investigate members of Congress for anti-American views.

According to Minnesota Public Radio:

Pelosi called Republicans like Bachmann "bankrupt in their ideas" about jobs, education, health care and energy policy.

"So what do they do? They question the patriotism of others. I think that a statement of the kind Congresswoman Bachmann made dishonors the position she holds, and discredits her as a person."

Conservatives are also coming out against Bachmann's statements. The American Conservative blog compared Bachmann to Ann Coulter:

Imagine if you will Ann Coulter as Congresswoman and that's Michele Bachmann in a nutshell. Both make calculated statements or proposals designed to be outrageous enough to most people but pleasing enough to the crowd that either buys Ann's books or in this case will vote for Bachmann.

Rep. Bachmann will say things who's thought to them is how much this can rile of the base. Much like Coulter herself or any B-list talk radio host, the object is to say things that pleasing enough to your supporters and draw criticism from the media or liberals in order to get the double whammy of being controversial and a martyr at the same time for what you say. In other words, she's becomes fairly predicatble and typical "conservative" of her day and age: the baying cannibal screaming for red meet or perhaps one of the ideologues Orwell's "inner party" uses to casp aspersions on the enemy. She is a caricature of what conservatives have become just as Bella Abzug, Bachmann's counterpart on the left, became a caricature for pushy radical feminism and liberalism.

And her opponent, Elwyn Tinklenberg's winnings since Friday? More than $800,000, according to MPR. Impressive. Keep talking, Bachmann! Tinklenberg might buy you a nice dinner for the hard work you put into his campaign.

Also! Don't forget to look at our slideshow, the Many Faces of Bachmann.

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