Bachmann loves waterboarding and liberals love decapitations (she says)

The ol' gal has still got it.

The ol' gal has still got it.

Michele Bachmann, fresh off the defeat of her drive for a congressional leadership position, was on Bill O'Reilly yesterday to demonstrate that the loss hasn't taken any of the wind out of her crazy-sails.

You get the sense that O'Reilly likes having Bachmann as a guest because it's one of the rare occasions he can credibly present himself as something other than the most depraved person in the room.


The topic of the day was the revelation that George W. Bush personally ordered the torture of suspected terrorists. O'Reilly offered a full-throated defense of waterboarding, which he reframed as "dunking." Fair enough, it's his show, he can say what he wants. Who's going to get in a snit over dunking? You might as well protest noogies and purple-nurples.

But liberals are upset nonetheless, and Bachmann, fulfilling her duty to make O'Reilly look moderate, told him why:

"It almost seems as though they need to come up with some sort of a case to defend the people who are making this action, the radical terrorists. And here, take a look at the terrorists who have beheaded people like Daniel Pearl. They don't think twice about that."

That was a bit much even for O'Reilly, and he suggested that not all liberals are untroubled by terrorist decapitation of journalists. So lest there be any confusion, Bachmann rephrased her nuanced point about liberals:

"They're trying to find some sort of a defense here, because it seems that America is always wrong. America is always the bad guy in their scenario."

Well said. Here's to at least two more years of Michele Bachmann questioning the patriotism of her political enemies.