Bachmann is no Constitutional expert, tries to drill Geithner

Sometimes we just want a break from Rep. Michele Bachmann's constant nonsense. Once the flood gates open, we're screwed.

In her latest greatness, Bachmann had her five minutes during Tuesday's House Financial Services committee hearing on AIG. She bombed it.

Trying to take a tough stance, she instead exposed her lack of knowledge of the Constitution she works to uphold.

We're all for getting tough on AIG and the U.S. Government to figure out exactly what happened and why Americans are paying for executive bonuses as companies crumble. It's just probably better to be tough about things that really mean something.

Watch the video:

From Salon:

Glowering at Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner as if she was Thulsa Doom preparing to behead Conan the Barbarian, Bachmann posed her question.

BACHMANN: What provision in the Constitution could you point to to give authority for the actions that have been taken by the Treasury since March of '08?

GEITHNER: Oh, well, the -- the Congress legislated in the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act a range of very important new authorities.

BACHMANN: Sir, in the Constitution. What -- what in the Constitution could you point to to -- to give authority to the Treasury for the extraordinary actions that have been taken?

GEITHNER: Every action that the Treasury and the Fed and the FDIC is -- is -- has been using authority granted by this body -- by this body, the Congress.

BACHMANN: And by -- in the Constitution, what could you point to?

GEITHNER: Under the laws of the land, of course.

Does she think everything can be found in the Constitution? Perhaps she needs to reread Article I, Section 8 which specifies the power of Congress to legislate and create the laws of the land.

Next she asked Geithner and Bernanke if they supported a report in the Wall Street Journal about China calling for "the creation of a new currency to eventually replace the dollar as the world's standard."

Bachmann: I'm wondering would you categorically renounce the United States moving away from the dollar and going to a global currency as suggested this morning by China and also by Russia, Mr. Secretary?

Geithner: Yes.
Bernanke: Yes.


Bachmann previewed her moment in the spotlight on Fox:

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