Bachmann: I'm the "receptacle" of the Tea Party

Michele Bachmann is queen of the Tea Party.
Michele Bachmann is queen of the Tea Party.

Michele Bachmann's crazy Tea Party Caucus press conference surpassed all expectations and was even loonier than we could have imagined.

The first thing the Tea Party did was trot out their new Uncle Toms. Apparently stung by the accusation that they're a bunch of Caucasian malcontents, the Honky Caucus managed to round up a few brown people to serve as window dressing.

Tito Munoz is a Columbian immigrant, hosts a Spanish-speaking radio show, and is foolish enough to think that Michele Bachmann has his best interests at heart.

Also in attendance was Ana Puig, who moved here from Brazil in 1986, back before we hated immigrants.

"That should dispel an awful lot of the rumors about racism," said Rep. Dan Burton, who believes that if you can find two Hispanics to agree with you, it can't possibly be racist.

Having dispensed with that, the meeting was turned over to the 28 white men who make up the non-racist Tea Party Caucus.

Yet for sheer inanity, none could hold a candle to Queen Bachmann, which she proved upon assuming the podium.

You know that "Tea Party Caucus" that this whole press conference was called to announce? Turns out: There is no Tea Party Caucus.

But that wasn't about to stop Bachmann from babbling about it incessantly.

"We're not the mouthpiece," Representative Bachmann said. "We are not taking the Tea Party and controlling it from Washington, D.C. We are also not here to vouch for the Tea Party or to vouch for any Tea Party organizations or to vouch for any individual people or actions, or billboards or signs or anything of the Tea Party."

"We are the receptacle," she added.

Receptacle? Bachmann may want to refudiate that statement.

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