Bachmann: I was just kidding about Hurricane Irene [VIDEO]

Michele Bachmann: Bad politician, even worse comedian.

Michele Bachmann: Bad politician, even worse comedian.

Michele Bachmann's statement yesterday that the Washington, D.C. earthquake and Hurricane Irene are a message from God was not just insensitive and stupid. It was also funny!

So says Bachmann, who's now claiming that the whole thing was just a "joke."

See, the best way to handle a deadly natural disaster is to use it as a joke to loosen up the crowd during a public event on your presidential campaign. Remember all that dynamite material from William Howard Taft about the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake? And, of course, George W. Bush's Katrina one-liners still bring the house down.

As always, Bachmann can never just say "I regret the error, and I was wrong." This time, her "joke" explanation came with a heavy dose of righteous anger.


Bachmann's statement of retraction-but-not-really comes via WHEC in Buffalo:

"My comments were not ones that were meant to be taken lightly. What I was saying in a humorous vein is that there are things that politicians need to pay attention to. It's not everyday that we have an earthquake in the United States. What I think that we are seeing is that in this country we have to have margin, financially. When we are so out over the cliff financially we don't have the margin that we need anymore."

Right. So this was a "joke," but not one that you should take lightly. A very, very serious joke. Grave, in fact -- especially for the relatives of the 32 people killed so far in Irene, and the five million Americans currently without power.

See, look, they're laughing hysterically! Oh, sorry, actually those are tears of sadness.

Videotape of the event from CNN confirms two things: First, it really was a joke, thus confirming that Michele is a bad comedian and a worse person.

Second, the Sarasota, Florida crowd that's yucking it up with her ought to do some serious thinking about what's funny, and what's not. The three anchors from CNN who introduce the video should also keep their giggles to themselves. People lost their homes and died this weekend -- maybe wait until Tuesday to laugh at their expense.

There's only one obvious "joke" here, and it's Bachmann's pathetic attempt at an apology.