Bachmann hopes to be even more important, regain respect


Rep. Michele Bachmann should just be thankful she has another two years. But don't worry! Our favorite congresswoman is thinking ahead and has her hopes set high. Give her a respectable spot and she'll have more chances to say fun things.

Bachmann is hoping to join the powerful House Ways and Means Committee, according to the Associated Press.

More from the Associated Press:

Her chief of staff, Michelle Marston, says the Minnesota Republican has talked to Republican members of Congress tasked with committee assignments. The Ways and Means Committee is the House's tax-writing panel. Marston argues that Bachmann's background as a tax attorney would make her a perfect fit.

It's a long-shot bid for someone just entering her second term in Congress. But lawmakers do try to get members from all regions on the panel, and Minnesota is losing its sole voice on the committee with Republican Jim Ramstad retiring.

Bachmann writing tax plans? That's frightening.