Bachmann: God will facilitate victory in Iowa

Michele Bachmann believes God will intervene in tonight's Iowa caucuses and propel her to what would be an astonishing victory in her home state.

Seriously -- she does.

At an Urbandale rally last night, Bachmann told supporters that "tomorrow night we are going to see a miracle, because we know the one who gives miracles."

This much is clear -- at this point, it would take more than a minor miracle for Bachmann to emerge victorious during tonight's official beginning of the 2012 Presidential campaign. Something more along the lines of resurrecting the dead is required.

The New York Times' latest Iowa projection gives Bachmann a 0 percent chance of winning on her home-turf and predicts a sixth-place finish for the Minnesota Congresswoman, ahead of only Jon Huntsman, who skipped campaigning in Iowa all together.

In other words, I'm as likely to win the Iowa caucuses as Bachmann. 

In fact, her once-relevant campaign has become so irrelevant that at this point it seems silly to write about it.

But her delirious optimism even in the face of campaign controversy and grim polling data is just too entertaining to ignore.

For instance, on Monday, speaking on the topic of an important Des Moines Register polll that pegged her in dead last, Bachmann said she put no stock in the poll because she saw "overwhelming" support during her recent 99-county tour of Iowa.

"It was like an electric light switch was flipped on," she said. "We saw literally thousands of people make their decision on the spot. They're out best advocates."

Whatever you say, Michele.

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