Bachmann faux pas; nuts on a plane


Pundits lined up to take another whack at the Bachmann piñata last week after her jaw-droppingly dumb statement to KLTK's Chris Baker that "we're running out of rich people in this country."

MSNBC's Keith Olbermann began his segment by warning viewers that this may be the "craziest interview in American political history."

Meanwhile, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee fact-checked Bachmann's claim that the money from the stimulus could write a check for $1,430 to every man, woman, and child in the world.

"If Congresswoman Bachmann is not making this up, then her calculator must be broken," said DCCC spokesperson Gabby Adler.

While Bachmann may be the gift that keeps giving for media wags, this can't be having a good effect on Minnesota's national image.

"She's driven by her inner demons to seek out embarrassing situations," says Ken Avidor, Michele's nemesis and the longtime author of the Dump Bachmann blog. "She has given the state a very bad name."

T-Paw loves Obama's teat

Gov. Tim Pawlenty is taking MSNBC by storm. Earlier this week he was on Rachel Maddow's show and his latest appearance was on Hardball. He's become the Republican talking head for governors taking money from the stimulus plan.

Don't worry, Minnesotans. Pawlenty can't resist grabbing for the stimulus plan's "meandering buffet."

Why are people suddenly calling governors or any lawmaker a hypocrite when they accept federal funds after refusing to support it? Since when were lawmakers supposed to refuse taking free money for their constituents? Pawlenty calls out the hypocrites so we don't have to.

Pawlenty provided the best defense of his money grab during an interview with National Review: "I say, when you're paying to buy the pizza, it's okay to have a slice."

How about Rock, Paper, Scissors?

If one method of winning fails, try the next one on the list. That appears to be the new strategy of Norm Coleman's legal team. We are just so exhausted.

After the three-judge panel determined which categories of rejected absentee ballots could be reconsidered, Coleman's team kindly reminded them that some of those categories would exclude ballots already counted during the recount. So the panel should count all ballots like those already in the pool.

Well, when that idea failed, they moved on to the next gambit. Coleman's next move appears to be setting up a claim that ballots he already said were OK are no longer legal. Wait, what?

Coleman's legal team, along with Al Franken's team, agreed at the beginning of the trial that the 933 absentee ballots counted during the recount would not be part of the election trial. Now Coleman has changed his mind.

His new strategy comes after he already accepted that these were legal ballots... twice: once when he had veto power over any absentee vote during the recount, and again at the beginning of this election contest. What won't he do to win this thing?

Nuts on a plane

The Food Allergy Support Group of MN spoke out last week against Northwest's recent decision to begin serving peanuts on airplanes again. The change is one part of the ongoing merger between Northwest and Delta Air Lines.

The group says they are "deeply disappointed" by the new snack choice and hopes the companies will reconsider the decision.

The announcement had people around the country pretty riled up. There are those that can't breathe a whiff of peanut without having a serious reaction. Then there are those who feel cheated and hungry if they don't get their salty nuts.

Captain Sully did not return phone calls requesting comment, but a source close to the hero pilot indicates that he prefers cashews.

Prez Pawlenty

This weekend was a GOP governor frenzy on national TV shows as possible 2012 contenders came out to criticize President Obama's stimulus package. While they talked our ears off about the stimulus, we all couldn't help asking ourselves: are these dudes just lining up for their presidential run in 2012? Totally.

Gov. Tim Pawlenty likes keeping the suspense though and won't confirm it. On Fox News Sunday, Pawlenty didn't confirm a 2012 run, though he came close, saying, "I'm going to make news right here on 'Fox News Sunday' and tell you I am going to run for president ... of my Eagan youth soccer association."