Bachmann falsely claims 'flying imams' were here for Ellison celebration


Earlier this week, we reported on a San Francisco radio interview where Rep. Michele Bachmann called President Obama's trip abroad "shameful". Well the DumpBachmann blog has posted the interview's full transcript and they are calling out Bachmann for making false claims that the six "flying imams" who were briefly detained at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International airport in 2006 were here for a "victory celebration" for Rep. Keith Ellison. Ellison was the first Muslim to be elected to Congress and represents Minneapolis.

Bachmann's claim is completely false. The men were attending a North American Imams Federation conference where Ellison gave a speech about American politics and Islam. A simple search of news reports would prove that.

The imams were detained prior to a U.S. Airways flight when they started praying, making political remarks and not sitting in their assigned seats on the plane.

Here is the excerpt from the KSGO AM San Francisco interview:

Bachmann: The imams, the imams were actually attending, ah, Congressman Keith Ellison's victory celebration, when he won as a member of Congress. And the imams went to the Minneapolis airport to leave and go home. While they were there, they were shouting phrases anti-Bush, anti-America and they laid their prayer shawls--er, their prayer rugs out on the floor in the airport terminal, were having their prayers, and um, were making these statements and when they got aboard the airplane, they switched seats, they didn't go to their proper seats, and they went in the pattern of the nine-one-one uh, um, terrorists who were on the airplanes, and they all asked for seatbelt extenders on their seats, in the airplane, and these weren't large people. So, uh, there were people on the airplane that became very nervous about these public displays and they alerted the airplane authorities, and so, these six imams were taken off of the airplane. Well, the imams ended up suing everyone on the plane, the whistleblowers, and they said that their civil rights were violated. So that's been a big mess, that case, and I don't, I'm not sure, but I don't believe that that's been resolved yet.
The full audio interview:


Where does Bachmann get her facts and why aren't people checking these comments before she spews them in public. If she's trying to gain credibility, it would serve her well to avoid lying. But the damage is done and that's probably the point. None of those readers and fans will be fact checking her.