Bachmann: Drilling in ANWR would lead to $2-per-gallon gas

Michele Bachmann is the gift that keeps on giving, isn't she? Take her latest op-ed for the National Review, where the representative argues in favor of oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

This is the rationale:

The fact of the matter is that Congress is standing in the way of $2-a-gallon gas. It is Speaker Pelosi and the House Democrats who are refusing to let commonsense energy legislation come to the floor.

No one -- no one -- believes this. Not a single person in the United States of God Blessed America believes this. Daniel Yergin doesn't believe it. Amory Lovins doesn't believe it. The Captain doesn't believe it and neither does Tennille. No one seriously believes opening up the refuge would bring gas prices to heel.

Obviously, Bachmann is an exception to the assertions in that last paragraph, but she might be the only one. A Department of Energy study completed this May found that drilling in ANWR would lower gas prices by a whopping two cents a gallon -- and that figure wouldn't occur until 2025, because setting up oil rigs and extracting the black gold takes time.

You can make an argument for more drilling in places like ANWR. This is not an argument I'd agree with, being fond of energy policies that work, but I can see why a few drops more petroleum might look appealing right now.

$2 a gallon, though? At least we know how much gas costs in Fantasyland.

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