Bachmann: "Don't let them Palinize me!"

Rep. Michele Bachmann has this whole game down like no one else.

1. Say crazy things
2. Get the "liberal" media to report it and make fun of you for saying crazy things
3. Take that coverage to prove you are a martyr, beg supporters for money to help save her. Oh, and use a clever term (think Palinize) to make your plea sound unique

And she wins again. In her latest email to supporters, Bachmann says she needs your money to stop Democrats for Palinizing her.

More from Minnesota Public Radio:

"With Gov. Palin taking a well-deserved step out of the spotlight, it appears that I may be absorbing even more of the liberals' scorn," Bachmann wrote. "And, I'd really appreciate your support so that I can defend myself against their attacks."

"But just as they did with Sarah Palin, the more I talk about the issues, the more they attack with below-the-belt personal hits," Bachmann said. "In fact, yesterday, a Minnesota paper gave a full column to a hit piece on one of my kids!"

What does Palinize mean exactly? Bachmann to the rescue:

From the Urban Dictionary: Palinize: To smear or mock someone using falsehoods, baseless accusations or unsubstantiated character assassinations for the purpose of blocking them from achieving a goal. To exaggerate the truth or lie by omission. To attack a person for his or her conservative values by focusing an inordinate amount of attention on a single example of that person falling short (or being perceived as falling short) of the values they espouse.

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