Bachmann doesn't think Obama is anti-American, loves Jesus


We have another big round up of all things crazy and Rep. Michele Bachmann. We are still wondering why the media hasn't taken up her suggestion. We want to know who out there is anti-American!

Thanks to Dump Bachmann's Ken Avidor, Minnesota Independent published Bachmann's full 6-minute speech at Living Word Christian Center on Oct. 14, 2006. This speech was made famous for Bachmann's "hot for jesus" comment and Mac Hammond's endorsement of her several weeks before Election Day.

Check out the video after the jump.

Gawker jumped into the story this morning, making note of the media's obsession with the Bachmann-Turner Overdrive references in the headlines. Every editor who thought they were clever failed miserably. Check out their nice headline collection here.

As we reported yesterday, Bachmann spoke in St. Cloud and reporters spoke to her after the event to get her to come clean about her MSNBC Hardball appearance. Here is the video:

And finally, during an interview on KFAN yesterday, Dan Barreiro asked John McCain about Bachmann's recent comments.

From Minnesota Independent:

McCain pleaded ignorance about the controversy. "Well to tell you the truth I haven't seen her remarks and I don't have any comment until I would have a chance to see it," the Republican presidential nominee said. "We've been out on the campaign trail, obviously. ... I can't comment because I haven't seen her remarks or even heard anything about them until you brought this up."

Listen to the audio here.